22 Jan 2021
Warning: this article is not about a nice sailing trip but more a record of a nerve-wracking situation that happened to us in Marina del Rey. Therefore, it may be a little boring, ...  Continue reading
21 Jan 2021
We had to wait for the gale to pass through in Morro Bay and we lost two days. This normally gives us a totally enjoyable stay in a nice town that we like, however we are stressed ...  Continue reading
20 Jan 2021
We have a soft spot in our hearts for Morro Bay, this little fishing town by the Rock, with dinghies all around, moving between land and the moored boats. We have been forced to st...  Continue reading
17 Jan 2021
For those who are not familiar with Janga, it is game where you build a wooden tower with all the other players. As more and more players play their turn, the balance of the tower ...  Continue reading
16 Jan 2021
Ramen and potatoes at 4:30AM upon arrival. Sleep in the morning. Boat rocking but still anchored. Lasers sailing and racing all around. Pump out. Departure again. ...  Continue reading
16 Jan 2021
Despite our late start (we cast off around 1PM and sadly missed the chance to see Laure), today is a big day! We are going for our first overnight sail only the two of us, and it i...  Continue reading
15 Jan 2021
Click! Hissing sound of burning propane... Click! Click back, hissing sound of burning propane... Click again! Dang! It seems like our propane system (our way to cook on the boat) ...  Continue reading
14 Jan 2021
This day that we first dreamed of, fantasized, then came to dread and look at with both excitement and anxiety, has come. And it doesn't look that unfamiliar at first. We are greet...  Continue reading
13 Jan 2021
After a couple of stressful days crossing all the items of our never ending to do lists, we had yet another stressful time to leave the Berkeley marina "in time". These d...  Continue reading