Chapter: Baja Pacific Coast

8 Mar 2021
We had to alter course to dodge the motorboat that's coming at us full throttle. What the hack? We are sailing, we have right away. And what do they want anyway? They finally turn ...  Continue reading
6 Mar 2021
We woke up in Isla Cedros at around 5AM. Not a big surprise since we both passed out at 9PM after the long passage. We had a Turkish breakfast with sucuk and tomatoes and prepped t...  Continue reading
5 Mar 2021
In our favorite pilot book (basically a guidebook for anchorages and navigation) for Baja California, Jack Williams breaks down the peninsula into a succession of alternating reach...  Continue reading
4 Mar 2021
We had come here to take shelter from South winds building up in the morning of Wednesday, March 3rd. Thankfully, we had made it to the cove before those winds reach unreasonable s...  Continue reading
3 Mar 2021
Sailing is all about having enough wind, but not too much, and hopefully in the right direction. Along the Pacific Coast of Baja California, the prevalent winds are blowing from th...  Continue reading
1 Mar 2021
Despite my rant from the first night, we enjoyed our stay anchored out of Puerto San Tomas. Without internet or any other form of communication, wee spent a day there, out of time,...  Continue reading
28 Feb 2021
The location of our first "wild" night on the hook (in Mexico anyway) was great despite a little rolling. But we knew about it and that's also what we were looking for to...  Continue reading