Category: Sailing

23 Mar 2021
We left Cabo on a Sunday, escaping our unconscious habit of spending the weekend in one place. We were happy to head for new horizons...  Continue reading
16 Mar 2021
I had actually spoken a little fast about the peaceful stop in Bahia Santa Maria. The night after the blogpost was written, the wind picked up to 30 knots, definitely the most we'v...  Continue reading
12 Mar 2021
Sailing is definitely not the most comfortable means of transportation. Nor it is the fastest. It doesn't feel that slow though after 140 nm in 24 hours. ...  Continue reading
9 Mar 2021
It may sound silly, but we rely on internet for the weather forecast but also for posting regularly these blog posts as well (a bit less crucial in the grand scheme of things). Fro...  Continue reading
6 Mar 2021
We woke up in Isla Cedros at around 5AM. Not a big surprise since we both passed out at 9PM after the long passage. We had a Turkish breakfast with sucuk and tomatoes and prepped t...  Continue reading
5 Mar 2021
In our favorite pilot book (basically a guidebook for anchorages and navigation) for Baja California, Jack Williams breaks down the peninsula into a succession of alternating reach...  Continue reading
3 Mar 2021
Sailing is all about having enough wind, but not too much, and hopefully in the right direction. Along the Pacific Coast of Baja California, the prevalent winds are blowing from th...  Continue reading