Category: Sailing

20 Jul 2021
After these two full weeks with our friends, we felt the need to decrease the pace a little bit, to take time for errands and internet for example. We didn't have much more miles t...  Continue reading
9 Jul 2021
After Samara, our first trip with our crew of 6 was to reach the Gulf of Nicoya in order to get out of the uncomfortable swell of that coast. Our destination to spend the night was...  Continue reading
1 Jul 2021
We had been looking at that date for months now, and it was getting so close: at the end of the week, our dear friends from Berkeley would arrive to Costa Rica! We had been plannin...  Continue reading
22 Jun 2021
Let's start with the context... After completing our journey from Mexico to Bahia Santa Elena, we were left with a substantial challenge in order to officially arrive in Costa Rica...  Continue reading
17 Jun 2021
The blog has been cold for months now. The reason? We had this article sitting on our phones for the whole time, but were too concerned it would worry our families. Indeed, if our ...  Continue reading
4 Jun 2021
Hello blog, it's been a while... The times have been quite busy for us... sailing. And right, we are always sailing and that's the whole point, but this time, it was quite differen...  Continue reading
12 May 2021
We had left Mazatlan with the satisfying feeling to be on top of our boat project list. We had addressed some long standing issues like the main sail or the goose-neck which had be...  Continue reading