Category: Sailing

25 Apr 2021
Let's say we are not superstitious or let's pretend we didn't know the sailor's superstition... Our weather window for crossing from Baja California to mainland Mexico happened to ...  Continue reading
22 Apr 2021
We had a good weather window to cross the Sea of Cortez on Friday, so we started to go South on Thursday to the place where we'd start our crossing. We wanted to get a last round o...  Continue reading
19 Apr 2021
Tiens bon la barre et tiens bon le vent, Hisse-et-haut, Santiano, Si Dieu veut toujours droit devant, Nous irons jusqu'à San Francisco . C'est un fameux trois mâts blanc comme un...  Continue reading
19 Apr 2021
We left Partida Cove with the intent of sailing to Ensenada Grande 3-4 nm North. As we pulled up anchor and sailed out of the space in-between the islands, some wind was funneling ...  Continue reading
16 Apr 2021
We woke up in Gallina Bay and a breakfast outside made it clear that bobos were back in numbers! Time to move on and hope that the apparent wind will get rid of them. Unfortunately...  Continue reading
14 Apr 2021
The archipelago of Espiritu Santos, a short sail North from La Paz, has the reputation of being one of the best cruising destination in the Sea of Cortez, and even in Mexico. But a...  Continue reading
2 Apr 2021
We had learnt our lesson, don't leave not mentally prepared. So when we started the day on March 26th with the intention to close the 50ish miles to La Paz, we took our time to wak...  Continue reading