Category: Sailing

13 Jan 2023
After Marigot Bay, we sailed to the North of Saint-Lucia to Rodney Bay, a larger bay with a marina in a hurricane-hole / protected inner bay. The town has many services to yachts b...  Continue reading
22 Dec 2022
With the pressure of Christmas winds approaching, we've started to accept relatively challenging conditions in the forecast as doable. Our tentative to sail towards the British Vir...  Continue reading
25 Oct 2022
The passage to Curaçao went way smoother than the passage to Aruba. Maybe our weather window was better chosen, maybe we knew better what to expect and maybe we had done more impro...  Continue reading
17 Oct 2022
Aruba, and in particular Oranjestad, wasn't really our scene. Catering mostly to huge cruise ships and tourists arriving by plane, it was expensive, very Americanized and the cultu...  Continue reading
16 Oct 2022
Day 4 - Sunday, October 2nd The morning of day 4 (day 4!!!) is beautiful. Yalçın is catching up on sleep below. I opened a few windows for some air flow inside. I watch Monsieur En...  Continue reading
14 Oct 2022
Day 1 - Thursday, September, 29th 2o22: Departure day Even though we only left at 3:30 in the afternoon, our departure day started way earlier. Let's just say that at 8 AM, we had ...  Continue reading
22 Aug 2022
Monday, August 8th 2o22 1:00PM: Official time of departure 1:05PM: I send the departure message on the Garmin sat phone while Yalçın manually retrieves the anchor. Our windlass has...  Continue reading