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13 Jan 2023
After Marigot Bay, we sailed to the North of Saint-Lucia to Rodney Bay, a larger bay with a marina in a hurricane-hole / protected inner bay. The town has many services to yachts b...  Continue reading
25 Jul 2022
Shortly after arriving to Panamarina, maybe 3 days later (that's all it took us to clean the boat, put it back into living-able shape which also involved a lot of cleaning and get ...  Continue reading
22 Jun 2021
Let's start with the context... After completing our journey from Mexico to Bahia Santa Elena, we were left with a substantial challenge in order to officially arrive in Costa Rica...  Continue reading
1 Apr 2021
During this sail down from Berkeley, we really realized that we would need a bigger boat if we intend to live full time on it for years to come. La Paz is the heaven of cruisers, t...  Continue reading
2 Feb 2021
We arrived in Ensenada on a Sunday (January 31st), immediately followed by a holiday, and since the gate of the dock was locked both from the inside and the outside, we were effect...  Continue reading
22 Jan 2021
Warning: this article is not about a nice sailing trip but more a record of a nerve-wracking situation that happened to us in Marina del Rey. Therefore, it may be a little boring, ...  Continue reading