Category: Boatwork

28 Feb 2023
We are back into boat work mode, meaning tools out, unwalkable floor in the quarter berth, and the overwhelming view of all the things we could do to take better care of our dear b...  Continue reading
16 Dec 2022
We ended up spending longer than expected in CuraƧao for several reasons. First, we got sucked in boat projects which, as usual, took longer than expected, and just like that, two ...  Continue reading
9 Oct 2022
Here you go for the glamor. Some say "cruising is just fixing boats in exotic locations", I let you make up your own mind...  Continue reading
25 Jul 2022
Shortly after arriving to Panamarina, maybe 3 days later (that's all it took us to clean the boat, put it back into living-able shape which also involved a lot of cleaning and get ...  Continue reading
12 May 2021
We had left Mazatlan with the satisfying feeling to be on top of our boat project list. We had addressed some long standing issues like the main sail or the goose-neck which had be...  Continue reading
4 May 2021
After our crazy day in Deer Island, we had decided to go for our monthly marina pit stop, or more exactly the goose-neck and its worriesome sound had decided for us. That being sai...  Continue reading
4 Apr 2021
Aside from writing April pranks, what did we do in La Paz? [For those who still have doubts, we are still traveling with Tire-Bouchon and not leaving him anytime soon! He is the ri...  Continue reading