Aside from writing April pranks, what did we do in La Paz? [For those who still have doubts, we are still traveling with Tire-Bouchon and not leaving him anytime soon! He is the right size for us and after spending the last two years with him, we have become quite attached! Symmetry was a gorgeous sailboat in the harbor, but she would have been too large to sail without a full crew and would likely also be way above our budget. We hope you enjoyed the joke 🙂]

As I write, we are trying to escape the city, its convenience, heat and the duties that come with spending some time at the dock. Like in Ensenada and, to a lesser extend Cabo San Lucas, we tend to get "trapped" in cities! In other words, we tend to feel like we should do and buy so many things because we are not going to have the chance to do or buy these things before a long time possibly, it then becomes a race against our to-do list! Add the fact that this all happens in a brand new city everytime, where we don't know the places to provision or where to find things and we are going to find and we find ourself going about boat chores way less efficiently that we'd have imagined, making the city experience a little frustrating in itself. Damn, we want to go back to turquoise water and snorkeling asap, right?

But, I've depicted the bad part of our time in the city... We actually liked La Paz and managed to do a fair amount of the things we ought to cover.

La Paz is the capital city of the Southern part of the Baja peninsula, the state of Baja California Sur. You can feel a sort of refinement or prosperity when you walk the streets. The waterfront is luxurious with a large walkway called the Malecon. The buildings and pavements are in a way better shape and dinning places look more cosmopolitan than what we had ever experienced in Mexico. We even had burgers which were grilled in a car turned into a barbecue!!

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