We have a soft spot in our hearts for Morro Bay, this little fishing town by the Rock, with dinghies all around, moving between land and the moored boats. We have been forced to stay there from Sunday to Wednesday morning but of all places, that was the one we would have chosen to get stuck at. We had loved our stay at the humble and welcoming Morro Bay Yacht Club on our way up the coast from San Diego, and we did this time as well: one night at the dock, two more on a mooring ball in the Bay. Wind did blow so we were happy to be out of the way.

We had a chance to get fresh local halibut, hike around the rock and even resupply produce in a small organic healthy store - the real California experience! A little more time to experiment with our new whisker pole, rigging our gybe preventer, and with various boat checks was welcome before our next leg, bound LA!

So many twists in our mooring line after having the boat swing back and forth with the tide cycles. Even after setting the line free from the boat, the line wouldn't set free from the mooring ball - if only I had known that knots were unnecessary XD

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