Category: Stopover

13 Apr 2021
After our stay at Lobos and Balandra, we returned to La Paz for a few additional boat projects, provisioning, boat supply, shopping and interneting. After five days, we are ready t...  Continue reading
6 Apr 2021
"Sailing is the allegory of what I believe in, take your time to consume less". That's what I was thinking as we unfurled our genoa in 10 knots of wind. It is Saturday, A...  Continue reading
4 Apr 2021
Aside from writing April pranks, what did we do in La Paz? [For those who still have doubts, we are still traveling with Tire-Bouchon and not leaving him anytime soon! He is the ri...  Continue reading
25 Mar 2021
The name was deceiving, Bahia de Los Muertos (the Bay of the Deads) was not spooky or gloomy at all. Quite the opposite, it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and beautiful...  Continue reading
23 Mar 2021
We left Cabo on a Sunday, escaping our unconscious habit of spending the weekend in one place. We were happy to head for new horizons...  Continue reading
20 Mar 2021
Cabo San Lucas felt like a post modern art movie to me. The ones that you enjoy excitedly without understanding exactly what's happening. There are some scenes that don't make sens...  Continue reading
19 Mar 2021
We had heard a lot about Cabo San Lucas before reaching the famous bay, most of the comments were negative... From complains on Navionics that the anchorage was rolley - in part du...  Continue reading