Chapter: Colombia

14 Oct 2022
Day 1 - Thursday, September, 29th 2o22: Departure day Even though we only left at 3:30 in the afternoon, our departure day started way earlier. Let's just say that at 8 AM, we had ...  Continue reading
12 Oct 2022
Looking back, I think we loved Colombia. People were friendly, helpful and curious in general. The historic town of Cartagena was marvelous of colors and history, the rest of the t...  Continue reading
10 Oct 2022
After all this boatwork, and getting extremely burned out by the deck work, which involved very uncomfortable living conditions on Tire-Bouchon, we had decided to go on some land e...  Continue reading
9 Oct 2022
Here you go for the glamor. Some say "cruising is just fixing boats in exotic locations", I let you make up your own mind...  Continue reading
18 Sep 2022
August 10 - Day 1: Behind the gate We had arrived in Manzanillo Marina Club, Cartagena, early in the morning, literally exhausted by our trip from Panama and in particular the last...  Continue reading