17 Jun 2021
The blog has been cold for months now. The reason? We had this article sitting on our phones for the whole time, but were too concerned it would worry our families. Indeed, if our ...  Continue reading
4 Jun 2021
Hello blog, it's been a while... The times have been quite busy for us... sailing. And right, we are always sailing and that's the whole point, but this time, it was quite differen...  Continue reading
12 May 2021
We had left Mazatlan with the satisfying feeling to be on top of our boat project list. We had addressed some long standing issues like the main sail or the goose-neck which had be...  Continue reading
9 May 2021
Isla Isabel, also know as the Galapagos of Mexico, is a Mexican National Park and a world-heritage site. With such pedigree, we had been longing to discover this island for a while...  Continue reading
7 May 2021
We planned our 85 mile jump to Isla Isabel as mostly a night sail. If the forecast was accurate, we were going to depart in the afternoon with the breeze, sail until the nightfall ...  Continue reading
5 May 2021
After arriving to Stone island, we had two more nights to wait until the weather window we had chosen to cross the 85 nm to Isla Isabel. Perfect for spending one more day in Old To...  Continue reading
4 May 2021
The departure from Isla marina was difficult and probably amongst one of the worst dock maneuver we ever did. Our friends Jeanette and Neill had come to slip our lines, "somet...  Continue reading
4 May 2021
After our crazy day in Deer Island, we had decided to go for our monthly marina pit stop, or more exactly the goose-neck and its worriesome sound had decided for us. That being sai...  Continue reading
25 Apr 2021
During the Sea of Cortez crossing, we had time. Plenty of time to look back and try to understand what is coming next. This crossing is already putting us back to a more sustained ...  Continue reading