17 May 2023
Time to cast off from Martinique, direction Guadeloupe. 70 nautical miles. Just a little too long to cast off and arrive in d...  Continue reading
15 May 2023
We headed up to Martinique where my mom was supposed to join us for 10 days. Unfortunately, by that time, we knew she wouldn't come having broken a rib. A real bummer and a great d...  Continue reading
13 May 2023
Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia. Our usual spot in front of Pigeon Island. What is the first thing we'd do as we arrived? Besides che...  Continue reading
11 May 2023
The Pitons are twin mounts in the Southern part of Saint-Lucia. They are the landmarks of the island: from the island brew, the Piton beer, to the logo on the customs officials, an...  Continue reading
9 May 2023
The horror story is well summed up by those two pictu...  Continue reading
7 May 2023
After 3 full days and 4 nights, we left the Tobago Cays and their turquoise waters to go back North, where we were expected f...  Continue reading
5 May 2023
We were very fortunate to spend 3 full days in Tobago Cays, at the edge of the ocean... ...  Continue reading
3 May 2023
We spent a few more days in Chatham Bay. The weather was really gusty and we didn't feel like going out anywhere as we knew other anchorages were more rolly. But after a few days o...  Continue reading
28 Feb 2023
We are back into boat work mode, meaning tools out, unwalkable floor in the quarter berth, and the overwhelming view of all the things we could do to take better care of our dear b...  Continue reading