17 Dec 2021
We lifted anchor from Islas Secas and we're underway at 7:30. At 8:00, Yalçın had caught a fish, minutes after putting our trailing line out. Our Dutch friend Hank had complained a...  Continue reading
15 Dec 2021
Islas Secas, or the Dry Islands in Spanish I believe, are of a rare beauty. Imagine black rocks covered in lush tropical forest with white beaches and transparent waters inhabited ...  Continue reading
5 Dec 2021
Finally, we are back to sailing and cruising.   Continue reading
3 Dec 2021
December 3th, we are finally starting to go out of the river after spending more than two months in Puerto Pedregal. Little did we know when we slowly motored up the shallow river ...  Continue reading
27 Sep 2021
After spending a couple of nights in Punta Balsa, it was time to get going. We had a 35 nautical mile trip planned, to Isla Parida, the stepping stone toward Boca Chica and ultimat...  Continue reading
22 Sep 2021
It's been a long time since we left Golfito, Costa Rica. This post comes a little bit in a catch up spirit. The reason we neglected writing our adventures was because our mood was ...  Continue reading
22 Sep 2021
The flat anchorage of Golfito ended up being our home for the following 3 weeks. Its predictable weather of sunny mornings and rainy afternoons became our rythme for that time, and...  Continue reading
30 Aug 2021
We left Puerto Azul marina on the high tide of the last day of our slip agreement. We had calculated two weeks to reach Golfito, the last port of the country, where we needed to ch...  Continue reading
21 Aug 2021
Assuming there is something Homeric about our voyage, I would have thought it would be taken from The Odyssey rather than from The Iliad...  Continue reading