Chapter: Panama

20 Aug 2022
We knew we had to go to the Hollandes cayes, one of the island groups in San Blas which has the reputation to be the cruising paradise: clear turquoise water year-round (when some ...  Continue reading
12 Aug 2022
We heard a lot about the village and island of Nargana, from the first time we went to San Blas a few months ago. A young man, José, working to clean his family's island of Banedup...  Continue reading
25 Jul 2022
Shortly after arriving to Panamarina, maybe 3 days later (that's all it took us to clean the boat, put it back into living-able shape which also involved a lot of cleaning and get ...  Continue reading
21 Dec 2021
That sentence came out of Yalçın's mouth on December 21st 2021 morning, and I couldn't agree more. Currents sucks. It just kills your speed in whatever way you look at it, especial...  Continue reading
20 Dec 2021
After a resting for the rest of the day in Bahia Arenas, preparing food for the upcoming passage to the Golfo de Panama, we decided to spend the night in Bahia Arenas and leave at ...  Continue reading
17 Dec 2021
We lifted anchor from Islas Secas and we're underway at 7:30. At 8:00, Yalçın had caught a fish, minutes after putting our trailing line out. Our Dutch friend Hank had complained a...  Continue reading
15 Dec 2021
Islas Secas, or the Dry Islands in Spanish I believe, are of a rare beauty. Imagine black rocks covered in lush tropical forest with white beaches and transparent waters inhabited ...  Continue reading