Category: Stopover

28 Feb 2023
We are back into boat work mode, meaning tools out, unwalkable floor in the quarter berth, and the overwhelming view of all the things we could do to take better care of our dear b...  Continue reading
24 Feb 2023
After waiting for calmer weather and attending to some repairs in Rodney Bay, we set sail again, direction Bequia, the Northmost island of the Grenadines. From Rodney Bay, we'd hav...  Continue reading
19 Feb 2023
So the goal had been to spend Christmas in Martinique and things had aligned for once: the visa, the weather... We arrived in Le Marin full of excitement after an exhilarating sail...  Continue reading
13 Jan 2023
After Marigot Bay, we sailed to the North of Saint-Lucia to Rodney Bay, a larger bay with a marina in a hurricane-hole / protected inner bay. The town has many services to yachts b...  Continue reading
8 Jan 2023
The day after our arrival, past the excitement of checking in and testing local food, we mostly "licked our wounds" (nothing bad really, but that's our dedicated expressi...  Continue reading
20 Dec 2022
We almost missed Bonaire, but it ended up being bliss. The most beautiful water we'd ever seen, a little waterfront with the nicest ice cream shop and one of the boats we'd met in ...  Continue reading
16 Dec 2022
We ended up spending longer than expected in Curaçao for several reasons. First, we got sucked in boat projects which, as usual, took longer than expected, and just like that, two ...  Continue reading