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13 May 2023
Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia. Our usual spot in front of Pigeon Island. What is the first thing we'd do as we arrived? Besides che...  Continue reading
19 Feb 2023
So the goal had been to spend Christmas in Martinique and things had aligned for once: the visa, the weather... We arrived in Le Marin full of excitement after an exhilarating sail...  Continue reading
20 Dec 2022
We almost missed Bonaire, but it ended up being bliss. The most beautiful water we'd ever seen, a little waterfront with the nicest ice cream shop and one of the boats we'd met in ...  Continue reading
16 Dec 2022
We ended up spending longer than expected in Curaçao for several reasons. First, we got sucked in boat projects which, as usual, took longer than expected, and just like that, two ...  Continue reading
20 Aug 2022
We knew we had to go to the Hollandes cayes, one of the island groups in San Blas which has the reputation to be the cruising paradise: clear turquoise water year-round (when some ...  Continue reading
24 Jul 2022
California, the place it (almost) all started! Where we met, where we came up with this crazy project, where we convinced ourselves it wasn't all that crazy afterall and bought a s...  Continue reading
9 Jul 2021
After Samara, our first trip with our crew of 6 was to reach the Gulf of Nicoya in order to get out of the uncomfortable swell of that coast. Our destination to spend the night was...  Continue reading