Our shortest leg South: Marina del Rey to Redondo Beach

No wind, 2 hours of motoring. Close view on beaches and plants, as well as the massive container ships moored of the shore. The sky was beautiful. First mooring outside the Bay without too much trouble. It was a bow and stern mooring: a tall bamboo stick allows to grab the line that’s attached to the buoy without much difficulty; with it comes also a thinner line that you walk to the end of the boat and will eventually reveal the second attachment line for the stern. Anchoring is permitted too but you need both a bow and stern anchor, which we didn’t have at that time. In any case, we were happy to put the boat on the mooring as a storm was brewing for the next day… But that’s another story!

Here are Marie’s photos. Stay tuned for Yalçın’s photos to come.

Redondo Beach
Optimists in sight 💚
The Harbor
King’s Harbor mooring field on the day we departed

2 thoughts on “Our shortest leg South: Marina del Rey to Redondo Beach

  1. You reached Mexico after intensive preparations, I am very happy. Your photos are very beautiful. I am waiting for the continue. Thank you for posts. I love you both very much.

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