First mutiny

Click! Hissing sound of burning propane… Click! Click back, hissing sound of burning propane… Click again!

Dang! It seems like our propane system (our way to cook on the boat) had decided to act up on our very first night off a dock (yeah Kakelekele and Wild Rover, your presence yesterday was so comforting that it counts as dock!). A little annoying as it would have been nicer if it had happened just a couple of days earlier when we could easily fix it. Instead, today the tired crew goes to bed wondering if they really need the propane system to make it down to LA if replacement parts are needed or if we should stop and find a West Marine in the Monterey Bay… But are parts even needed? Can we survive without propane underway (we don’t really cook anyway but hot tea could be nice during cold night shifts) and live out of a camping stove the rest of the way down? Not the questions we wanted for our first night at anchor outside the San Francisco Bay…

But new morning, fresh thoughts. When I finally emerge from the V-berth, Yalçın has already diagnosed a bad electric connection at the back of the gimballed stove, probably from the rocking of yesterday, that was tripping the breaker. Good news is no part needed and the problem is instantaneously taken care of! With a way nicer perspective for the rest of our culinary life, we soon get ready to cast off for our next destination…

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